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25 Aug 2021 Albion 0 Arsenal 6 (Carabao Cup 2)

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Arsenal at home...  ::)

Like it better when this round is seeded so got a chance of a new ground.

If someone asked me what tie I wouldn’t want it would be Arsenal at home

Why can no one ever get the history of our club correct? It really winds me up! After we were drawn out, when they tell you when they won it or where in the final she said west brom won it in 96!! No we didn't get your facts right!!

Oh well, concentrate on the league, our reserves knocked out by arsenal reserves, at least it's better than being beaten by Newports reserves  ;D

Good test for the players who will have had a few more weeks of Ismael. Could be a potential shock and almost certain to be on TV. Hope we sell out.


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