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7 Mar 2021 Albion 0 Newcastle United 0

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He gave us very very little and made some obvious clangers. No idea of his history with us but he did not seem to want to give us anything


--- Quote from: Atomic on March 08, 2021, 02:22:02 PM ---Those ratings are comical to be fair. Was it Stevie Wonder who compiled them?

--- End quote ---
Only 6 for Yokuslu? The guy was brilliant, made MoM on Amazon and I agree with Atomic although it may have been Ray Charles!


--- Quote from: NJS on March 08, 2021, 03:39:22 PM ---No someone who's presumably paid to assess players.  But we must bow to your greater knowledge - to be fair

--- End quote ---

Someone paid to write a report on a football match. A journalist not a coach.

He or she is entitled to his / her opinion.

Yokuslu Will be a Solid player for us next season even if Big Sam leaves Dowling should try to get him he just gives us more edge to allow Pereira to run forward. However with him we need to create more chances and not worry about defending as much as Okay should clear it up then after we create chances score. How we did not score in this game and our last few I have no idea


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