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West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: New Manager Thread
« Last post by OldburyWBA on Today at 01:35:06 AM »
EXCLUSIVE: West Brom turn to China as miracle-worker wanted for top job

Please copy the article, do not just put a link

Spaniard Javier Pereira is in contention to take charge of West Brom, who were forced to re-open their search for a new head coach after David Wagner turned them down, TEAMtalk understands.

The Baggies had narrowed down their search to Wagner after a move for Chris Wilder was vetoed by the club’s owners, whilst they decided against the likes of Michael Appleton. But after agreeing terms with the former Huddersfield boss, Wagner instead decided to take charge of Swiss champions Young Boys.

Now the club have dispensed with the services of sporting director Luke Dowling and are relying on Chinese chief executive Xu Ke. Ke has been looking at his options and we understand they are keen on Pereira.

Former Fulham sporting director Pereira has impressed hugely in China, as he performed miracles in keeping Henan Jianye in the top-flight.

That has brought him to the attention of the club’s owners, who will have a big say in the next boss – as they have proved when they ruled out the appointment of Wilder.

Sheffield United held talks with Pereira but instead went for Slavisa Jokanovic, who ironically worked with Pereira at Craven Cottage.

West Brom are now looking closely Pereira, who is ready to move back to Europe, and England where he has a very good reputation within the game.

And no place more so than Fulham, who we understand are also interested in him – with Scott Parker set for an imminent exit.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Luke Dowling
« Last post by paulosull on Today at 12:21:01 AM »
Sounds like a lot went on behind the scenes

This should have been the headline the day he got the job.


Stephen Hopcroft
Actually I would say in hindsight this is harsh on Luke.
He made decisions that I & a lot of others did not agree with & the consequences are that most of those people left the club.
He had a job to do & he made decisions that I disagreed with however he was the boss at the time
Steve Hopcroft at the time went to Premier league club with Seals, his comments come across to me as what took you so long Albion? Dowling should have been working to strengthen first team in areas that a blind man and his dog could see were deficient. After that he could of looked at youth set up, looks from his outburst that Luke was like a bull in a China shop damming indictment from a former respected employ of club.
West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: New Manager Thread
« Last post by paulosull on Today at 12:09:51 AM »
Scott Parker, no from me too cautious as a coach baffling that Bournemouth want him after Howe.
West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: New Manager Thread
« Last post by baggie82 on Today at 12:09:37 AM »
EXCLUSIVE: West Brom turn to China as miracle-worker wanted for top job

I fully expect Lai to pick someone who has done half-decent in the Chinese Super League, on the clueless basis that means they should be able to succeed in England. Just like how he bought that Chinese striker that turned out to be terrible.
West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Guochuan Lai
« Last post by tex on Yesterday at 11:59:25 PM »
As many have commented this is just a mess. This was not created in the last month but over the last two/three years. we have an owner that thought he was buying a self driving club and he is not knowledgeable enough to drive himself. An operation runs on the decision makers shoulders and poor recruitment has caught up with us. I see many companies failing from the same issue, if you are bad at recruiting the management team it normally ends badly.

For those wishing for a return of JP, don't forget he got us here. His greed turned the club into his retirement fund and he sold to the highest bidder (forget the BS he pushed about carefully selecting the new owner), anyone trying to rewrite history now is beyond hope.
« Last post by costa blanca baggie on Yesterday at 11:50:39 PM »
BREAKING: UEFA have told Juventus that they WILL be allowed to play in the Champions League next season despite their involvement in the Super League. (Source: ANSA)

An out and out scandal
What?? Another football scandal? It’s just another episode that will forgotten about. Qatar???🤪
West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: New Manager Thread
« Last post by costa blanca baggie on Yesterday at 11:08:58 PM »
I can't speak about "Ken" particularly, but let's just say that several of my experiences with "very successful businessmen" must be different to yours.
I agree totally. Expertise in one industry doesn’t necessarily transfer to another.
General Football & Sports / Re: EURO 2020
« Last post by LiamTheBaggie on Yesterday at 10:25:17 PM »
France are the team to beat.  Beaten Germany comfortably without breaking a sweat
Coronavirus Thread / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by tommcneill on Yesterday at 10:09:18 PM »
AstraZeneca jab is only about 60% effective against the "Delta" variant, so it reduces the risk but I'm still staying at home thanks very much.

after the first dose yes

After the 2nd it’s 92%
General Football & Sports / Re: EURO 2020
« Last post by alex1 on Yesterday at 10:04:46 PM »
France deserved it and could have won by more. How often do you see the team who attacks at speed, wins.
But they could still meet each other in a later round.
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