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20’s sporting predictions
« on: December 31, 2020, 12:15:16 AM »
Technically we entered the twenties last January, but it seems a few organisations are treating this year as the end of the last decade, so with that in mind, what are your predictions for sport this decade?


England men’s football will reach a major tournament final

France rugby will win the Rugby World Cup

The Champions league will become a mid week European super league, with domestic qualification replaced by a hybrid system where the top sides guarantee themselves automatic entry

Team GB will have a disappointing Tokyo olympics and then slip back down the medal tables for the rest of the decade, no longer reaching the highs of the last 2 games

One of Villa or Wolves will win a National or European trophy

The USA will dominate the Ryder cup for the first decade since the 90’s

By the end of the decade, North American international football (soccer) nations  will be performing as well as the top South American sides, with the USA reaching a semi final.
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