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The Football Money Bubble
« on: May 03, 2019, 10:21:45 AM »
Interesting news coming out of Paris Saint Germain this morning that their Qatari owners are looking to pull the plug on the previously never ending supply of money - with "lack of success on the pitch" being cited as the primary reason.


I think a lot of us have always said tongue in cheek that "just you wait until your owner gets bored and pulls the oil money" but I think there have been quite a few examples of that lately actually happening, whether it be due to government policy (China's clampdown on funds out) or perceived lack of success (PSG/Milan) or boredom/loss of owners wealth (Chelsea) and this is not even taking lower leagues into consideration where money troubles are always prevalent (Bolton springs instantly to mind at the moment)

The money bubble has expanded massively over the last 2 decades but there are just some signs at the moment that it's creaking at the seams right now - I don't think anyone is ready for if/when the whole bubble does burst!
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Re: The Football Money Bubble
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2019, 09:44:16 AM »
The benefactor model nearly always falls apart at the point the owner can no longer subsidise the club or decides to pull the plug for whatever reason. A lot of mega rich owners are in it for political reasons whether it is the Gulf states trying to project a positive image (sorry boys you are still a bunch of tyrants and will always be no matter how much money you spend on your football projects) or in the case of the Russians a bolthole in the West should things turn against them in Russia.

Politics change as Abramovich found out when his visa wasn't renewed. The Quatari's aren't getting the benefit they thought they would from PSG. Resented by many in France and failing to land the top European prize has left them wondering if it is all worth it.

As ever the central dilema for fans and the authorities is how do the rest compete with the super wealthy clubs like Real Madrid Manchester United and Barcalona who require no subsidy but left unchecked grow wealthier and more dominant by the day. 
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