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Re: Romaine Sawyers
« Reply #425 on: June 30, 2020, 09:34:26 AM »
I wonder how much practise the likes of Sawyers do when it comes to shooting from around the edge of the box. I would hope quite a bit. He seems to have the Chris Brunt gene where for someone you think should be able to get a high proportion of shots from the edge of the box on target but some reason....

We know Sawyers is laid back in style but he genuinely doesn't seem to get his body weight over the ball enough when he shoots. Surely someone at the club can show him a montage of his goal efforts and get him to work on his technique and target hitting success rate.  Maybe it's a slight lack of composure when the opportunity arises ....the eyes light up


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Re: Romaine Sawyers
« Reply #426 on: June 30, 2020, 09:47:22 AM »
His style seems too laid back imo. Looses possession cheaply and nowhere near his form at the start of the season.
At the moment both he and Livermore look out of sorts, but then again so do a lot of other players
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Re: Romaine Sawyers
« Reply #427 on: June 30, 2020, 10:03:52 AM »
Can't remember Sawyers losing possession too many times against Brentford - I thought less than any other Albion player.  In fact that's his strength in that his back four can give him the ball and he can turn away from an opposition player and protect the ball.  He generally gives it to one of his own team.  It's true that opposition teams have been pressing further up the pitch against us; they can target Sawyers sometimes with two men because Livermore is not going to be any danger to them.

I would welcome having Krovinovich starting in a 3-man midfield.  I don't think Harper has the positional sense or energy to be a midfielder, some nice tricks and that's about it.   To replace Livermore who is a ball-winner we would need to find someone like Harrison Reed of Fulham and Nick Powell of Stoke.  So Livermore has to stay until a replacement is found.  Is there anyone coming out of the academy? 
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Re: Romaine Sawyers
« Reply #428 on: Yesterday at 10:48:41 PM »
Good performance tonight - he ran the show and the screened the back four well.

It makes a massive difference when we provide options for him to pass too.

The first half was too pedestrian and there was very little movement with Diangana and Pereira coming to the ball meaning everything was played in front of Wednesday. Sawyers then is forced to pass sideways and backwards.

Second half with the introduction of Robinson was much different and allows Sawyers to be at his best. Robinson stretches the game and allows Sawyers to bring the ball forwards and play through those lines into Krovinovic and Pereira. More importantly, we look much better for it.

He’s a rolls royce in midfield at times. Such a confident footballer with the ball.

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Re: Romaine Sawyers
« Reply #429 on: Yesterday at 11:04:57 PM »
Did well tonight. Is he now suspended though?