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Author Topic: Ben Foster (Sold to Watford)  (Read 354791 times)

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Re: Ben Foster (Sold to Watford)
« Reply #3300 on: February 10, 2019, 01:28:59 PM »
Foster, like Assou-Ekotu (ex-Spurs left back) aren't football fans. They play football to earn a living but don't love football like fans do. Foster said in the Artist in Residence programme that he plays football for that "3 o'clock rush" (I think he called it that), so it's the competition, not the game itself, that he craves.

He's spot on with his psychology comment. Footballers are not all equipped to deal with being famous or rich. And being a decent footballer doesn't always mean you're comfortable playing in front of thousands of people. I know good musicians who can't play gigs. It's psychological, but due to the egos of footballers it's hard to get them to open up about their feelings.

He seems like a genuine guy.

I don't think Foster has ever gone as far as saying he is not a football fan, but clearly he only likes the actual game, not everything that surrounds it at the very top. I wouldn't be surprised if you see him stay in the game once he retires.

In respect of the psychology though you are spot on.