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General Football & Sports / Re: Most attractive stadiums
« on: May 12, 2020, 03:30:40 AM »
I always liked turf moor. Proper old ground rough as a dog's backside in and around it. Gets a good atmosphere. We dont have a bad record there...

Hillsborough maybe a little dated but proper old ground.

And the city ground decent walk to ground it doesnt really match anywhere generates atmosphere have had plenty of good away days there... Hooters helps

General Football & Sports / Re: Saido Berahino
« on: May 12, 2020, 03:27:19 AM »
Would he offer more than Austin if we got promoted probably. Would I want him back probably not.

As many of you have alluded to. We need to really strengthen up top or we will have a hard time if we got promoted. Mowbray side relied on goals from midfield they didn't really come I fear the same under billic

Took up the option on his 1 year deal so not really a new deal as such but sensible.

In other good news Robinson and Diangana have been allowed to stay on loan till season completed.

Well we don't know what kind of situation we could be in with contracts come july so wasn't worth the risk...

I was going to mention McShane but somebody already got there first!

How about Greenings first touch at Highbury before crossing the ball for Earnshaw, that was some first touch.

It was made far better by the fact that purse had literally just sliced a bread and butter clearance which looked to be sailing into the stands and greening made it into something

Brown Ideye's scoop turn against West Ham was pretty clean.

Sessegnon always pulled a few tricks off as well.

This one comes to mind when I think of brown ideye
Nwanko kanu did some outrageous skills in his time with us I can't recall who it was against but he beat a few guys in front of the Birmingham road by scooping the ball over their heads then put in a scintillating cross but nobody gambled (was on a totally different wavelengths to the rest of that squad and under-utilised by us)

Gera stopping the ball going out v Birmingham resulting in a corner we scored from was one of my favourites

No point voiding the season ready for the next one as It's unlikely the next one will start or be completed unless a vaccine is created

If they said our parachute payment was going to stay the same I would take null and void and go again.
If we knew we were getting substantial funds so we could sign periera and krovonovic and billic gets another window to possibly offload Austin barry.

However if it gets null and voided and we aren't given the same parachute money then that's no good.

You cant just finish as is as there would be legal challenges from lots of teams ones who are relegated ones who miss out on promotion.

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: April 18, 2020, 05:13:03 PM »
Some things as a country we have done well others are naff. Getting all the police to meet up to clap the NHS is stupid what If they contract it and spread it through the force. Also still flights arriving daily and yet people are not checked on arrival and neither are they quarantined this should be done. No point everybody else staying home if people are bringing it in unchecked from elsewhere

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: April 08, 2020, 02:46:03 AM »
Is there a reason that the Midlands has become a Covid 19 hotspot?

Gold cup probably didn't help...

General Football & Sports / Re: Seals watch - Anything Villa
« on: March 30, 2020, 10:23:29 PM »
Greasy has the potential to go down the Lee Hughes route. He gets away with things by the skin of his teeth. One of these occasions he won’t be so lucky and will ruin innocent lives.

He could be locked up as is- drinking and driving. Leaving scene of accident/s

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 16, 2020, 06:37:43 PM »
PM, CMO and CSA Covid-19 briefing


UK PM Johnson: Everyone should now avoid social contact with others
Johnson: Virus "a few weeks ahead" in London compared with rest of UK
Coronavirus infections outside China pass 87,000; case numbers in China stand at 80,860
Germany closes the border it shares with five other countries
French President Emmanuel Macron to give televised address to nation
Stock markets plunge despite action from central banks
WHO director urges governments to test all suspected virus cases, not just serious ones
US authorities advise against gatherings of more than 50 people and Supreme Court shuts

In New York city, los angeles new Orleans and some others all bars pubs nightclubs have been ordered to close for 2 weeks. All restaurants are either ordered to drop capacity to half or only offer takeaway services...  then other places are not doing anything so seems a little silly. All or nothing no half measures but must be hard in a country that size

€10m? Should be all over that like a panic buyer on a 16pack of andrex. Great price, good age for potential resale value. 

My only concern (and it's not solely on Krov) is that if we simply convert our loans and in doing so, spend a good chunk of next season's money are we actuall improving or just treading water?

Well of course we improve as if we dont buy our midfield options are very poor. And even if we yoyo we will make gains on both.

I think the point was that Eric Clapton is a Baggie! :D

Haha indeed he is. I thought he was referencing young matheus

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: How many points needed?
« on: March 11, 2020, 04:10:17 AM »
92 as mathematically that's all we need. Could be less by saturday. Paradoxically the gap might only be 3 points Saturday. Could be 9. Big weekend

And he's a baggie!

One more game. Hope we announce the signing Sunday following 3 points...

General Football & Sports / Re: Seals watch - Anything Villa
« on: March 11, 2020, 04:02:46 AM »
Things just get better and better at the Seal Sanctury. Danny Drinkwater (yes you know you are in trouble when that seems like a good idea in January) has reportedly head butted his team mate Jota in training. Villa now considering shipping him back to Chelsea.

As for Smith on the brink

Really? 8 games left is way too late to sack the manager in the hope that a new approach can somehow rescue them and if they leave until after the Chelsea game that is just 7 games left.

I know they had some luck but the bloke got them to a cup final... they have only lost 4 in a row. Yes they have spent some money but I struggle to name a player of theirs besides greasy jack who would get into any other premier league side (and even he isn't as good as Harvey's barnes..)

Beyond deluded their fans

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Grady Diangana (on loan from West Ham)
« on: March 09, 2020, 11:27:41 PM »
Scored against blues ...went off

Comes on against blues.....scores

Seriously, where will he fit in, does he come straight back in, if he’s straight back in the team who makes way....headaches eh?

Grosicki to start. Grady to play last 20 mins...

Next Match Forum - 14/03 Birmingham City (H) / Re: Pre Match Chat
« on: March 08, 2020, 03:41:09 AM »
Must win especially if Fulham get the result

Last Match Forum - 07/03 Swansea City (A) / Re: After Match Debate
« on: March 07, 2020, 08:14:41 PM »
Defence looked solid and won us a point.
We weren't at the races at the other end of pitch.

Robinson honeymoon over. Is it worth starting grosicki and seeing wht he can do for a full 90 minutes? And after Phillips decent performance night surprised he didn't get any minutes today.

Livermore should have smacked it with his laces hit the target and we're going home with 3 points. Sadly it didn't fall to somebody else

General Football & Sports / Re: OFFICIAL CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD
« on: March 06, 2020, 09:24:21 PM »
Only good result if we get 3 points in south wales

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Under 23's / Academy Thread
« on: March 05, 2020, 04:34:59 AM »
We have a whole host of lads who need loans next year to see whether they will make the grade we need or If they will fund the academy for a few years. Following need to go out:

Palmer has played 36 games for Plymouth in league 2 and got 13 clean sheets this year. Who are currently well in contention for automatic promotion. I'm sure they would happily have him at league 1. If not somebody else in league one 1 may take a punt on him

Callum morton has 5 goals in 8 games for northampton who are in the play offs in league only 7 points of automatic promotion. He may also be worth a loan to league one next year.

Fitzwater make or break season for him I guess. He has been retained for cover here. He needs a loan to a championship side to see if he can make the grade. Hes done ok with walsall in league 1 on a couple of occasions.

Kane Wilson has been a part player for tranmere another one who probably needs a full season in league one. For somebody only just about to turn 20 hes had some terrible look with injuries.

Sam field hasnt looked out of place on either divison with wba however he hasnt set the world a light either. He is somebody else who needs 40+ games in championship next year.

Leko looked as if he wouldn't get near even championship grade. He was a new player at charlton under Bowyer and if that option is available again next year we should utilise it.

Harper got a lot of game time under Darren Moore but been nowhere near the team this year. Another one who appears as if he could make a half decent player needs a championship season somewhere.

Edward's for me is one of the most interesting ones for me as he is a late developer he didn't set the world a light in league 2 with Exeter but has really come on to the scene this year. He needs tying down and getting 30-40 games in championship also.

Oshea possibly the best of our prospects. Not sure whether we can get away with him playing full back if we got promoted, neither do I see it as benefital for him or club being reserve here full season at championship again useful.

Failure to get all of these out summer and the dof wants shooting. I haven't included Ferguson who is obviously going and also tulloch who may also be off. Obviously if he stayed hes another who needs senior football

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Rekeem Harper
« on: March 05, 2020, 04:21:16 AM »
I think next year it's going to be important for us to have a whole crop of our youth players out on loan. For some we might see if they can keep on their development and make the step up to play premier league football or whether they will only forge a career in the lower leagues. Harper is one of many that needs to go out on loan

Hes worth 10 mil he really works in the 3 with Livermore and sawyers

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Kyle Edwards - a star in the making?
« on: March 04, 2020, 12:00:09 AM »
He is already a pretty useful winger ...he doesn’t need to go on loan IMO , he just needs to play with players , look how impactful he was once Krov came on .

He needs games... if he isn't going to play week in week out next season with us loan to championship is beneficial for us and him

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Kenneth Zohore
« on: March 03, 2020, 11:57:13 PM »
Stephen Hawkins would offer more than Austin in this system

He was a nuisance he runs channels held it up well made one and scored one... I would be knocking on slaven door if I was him

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