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There is an article in the Telegraph today: which lists each clubs hero over the last 20 years. For us, they have listed Kevin Phillips:

"For obvious reasons it can’t be Lee Hughes and the exemplary ‘Super Bob’ Taylor falls just outside this arbitrary time frame so it has to be Kevin Phillips who scored 46 goals over two seasons, firing the Baggies to the play-off final in 2007 and then promotion in 2008.

The monotonous caution and conservatism of the Roy Hodgson and Tony Pulis regimes ignore one crucial thing. Safety and certainty, shunning risk and reward, anaesthetises the soul.

But goals make the people happy and for two years Phillips made the Baggies boing once more"

For me, no way is it Super Kev. I would look at Sir Gary Megson, Jeremy Peace and could maybe agree with a Dan Ashworth, Clem, Brunty or Mozza.

Who do you think has done the most for our club in the last 20 years?

West Bromwich Albion FC / Kind of pleased
« on: February 03, 2015, 08:42:50 AM »
I may be the only one, but I am kind of pleased that the deals we had in place last night fell through.

Carlton Cole on an 18-month contract set alarm bells ringing in my head. A 6-month contract would have been acceptable after letting Samaras go perhaps.

Twice-relegated Olsson also didn't inspire me, as a left back not a left midfielder. Again, I feel we have dodged a bullet.

We now have a spine that consists of Foster, Lescott, Fletcher and Anichebe. Lets try and add some young exciting talent, like Berahino and McManaman, around them.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Disenchantment
« on: June 01, 2013, 02:24:58 PM »
I am slightly disenchanted with the club currently. Today I received a letter from the club, having renewed mine and my brothers ticket earlier in the week, to inform me that my seat is being turned into a TV gantry next season ad that I need to phone the ticket office in order to relocate my seat. The reason for the additional gantry is the new broadcasting deal. I am annoyed at how late this has come through from the club. There should have been warning of the possibility of this, not wait until I have renewed and then tell me. It seems unprofessional.

This is in line with a couple of other annoyances I have had of late. The first being the issue of programmes for our final game. The second being the online ticketing system which I had problems with this week and the third being the sponsor cracking on my Albion top which is only one season old.

I know that the issues may not solely be the fault of the club but it does still reflect badly on the club. It is just disappointing that my club leaves a sour taste like this really.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Different Option Needed?
« on: December 17, 2012, 05:58:15 PM »
Put it down to misfortune, bad days at the office, a lack of confidence or being found out, but ultimately, not scoring in our last two home games has been disappointing. It has led me to wonder whether we need a different type of option?

The common consensus is that we need to stretch the play with pace down the flanks, which is something I agree with. However I would argue that maybe a forward with aerial prowess could be what is needed to break down these deep lying defences whose full backs stay tight as part of the back four unit. We often play with 'technical mid-fielders' with a tendency to come narrow, similarly in some ways to Manchester City. They are not afraid to bring on Dzeko to change a game and he is so important to them as a game changer and a different type of problem for the opposition to think about.

I admit to not having seen much of him in the last two seasons but could recalling Chris Wood be a viable option to offer something against these type of defences? If not, should we be looking at this type of player in the window? I definitely believe we would be a better side if we had a different option in order to break down these deep defences with.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Good Article
« on: November 13, 2012, 08:11:15 PM »
Here's a good article on us:

Many people hold the belief that West Brom are much improved under new manger Steve Clarke this season. Many have said they have outplayed opponents on countless occasions with the better football, and that their position - fifth in the Premier League - is a good representation of their performances so far. The stats, however, simply do not agree.
Of course, statistics are not the be all and end all in football, but in general, teams towards the top of the leagues tend to dominate in some department, giving some indication of why they hold the position they do. West Brom's vital statistics, though, seem to have fallen under the guidance of their new boss, and yet they are only outside the Champions League places on goal difference.
The powers that be were not unhappy with the previous regime; Roy Hodgson chose to leave of his own accord at the end of last season to go on to manage the national team. They were a tactically astute team and had a very successful campaign last season, finishing 10th in the league. Steve Clarke, though, has been praised for improving the Midlands club, when there are reasons to believe he has not done so.
Surprisingly, given their results, only Stoke and Reading, often maligned for playing poor football, have had less possession than West Brom in the Premier League this season, who average a distinctly unimpressive 43.1% of the ball. It could have been that the 11 games they have played have been against the teams that keep the ball best. Not so. They are yet to face four of the top seven teams when it comes to possession this season (Arsenal, Man Utd, Swansea and Chelsea) and clearly do not keep the ball effectively, even against sides that are not used to dominating possession. Last season, however, Roy Hodgson's West Brom side averaged 45.8% possession over the whole Premier League season.
The cause of that may be that this season's Baggies have played a greater percentage of their passes long (14%) than they did last (12%); only five teams have played a greater proportion of long balls this term than WBA. Their 317 short passes per game this season is way down on the 345 they averaged last campaign, while the number of aerial duels they have won has risen dramatically, from 10.8 per game to 15.6. West Brom have undoubtedly played some good football this season, and scored some very good goals as a result, but it is not as if Steve Clarke has implemented a more possession based, short passing game at his new club.

Of course, possession and goals are not causally linked; Albion are scoring more goals this term than last, averaging 1.54 per game compared to 1.18. Effective counter-attacking means little possession but plenty of chances and goals nonetheless. Napoli have become masters of this art in recent years with their smash-and-grab football over in Italy, and West Brom have used this technique to good effect this term. While they have averaged the eleventh most shots per game this season, with 13.3 (notably down on their tally of 14.3 last term), only Spurs and Manchester City have had more attempts from quick breaks this season than the Baggies (9). Under Steve Clarke, though, they have only scored a solitary goal via counter-attacks, making up 5.9% of their league goals this term, while last season counter-attacks made up 6.7% of their strikes. While they seem to be favouring counter-attacking football more so than many other clubs, it is clearly not a direct reason for their new found success.
So, West Brom are scoring more goals this time around, and yet they are having fewer attempts on goal. Of course this points to improved finishing since Steve Clarke's arrival, with Shane Long and Romelu Lukaku impressing as they vouch for the lone front spot, as well as Peter Odemwingie excelling in a position out wide. Indeed, they have hit the target with 34% of their goalscoring attempts - up from 31% last term - leading to a conversion rate of 11% this term, compared to 8% when Hodgson was in charge last season.
With four different players sharing the top-scorer badge for Clarke's men, goals are coming from many different sources with some degree of consistency, and it is arguable that their success is down to the clinical nature of their attack this season compared to last.
What is more for Clarke's West Brom, they also concede more shots per game (16.3) than they did last term (15.6). The difference is minimal, but does make sense with the team leaving themselves vulnerable to opposition attacks when breaking with pace, as already mentioned. Ben Foster, between the posts for the Baggies both this season and last, has also had an impact on their success.
The former England goalkeeper saved just under 69% of the shots on target he faced last season, and it plain to see why he is so highly regarded amongst managers, players and supporters alike. Yet more impressively, Foster has improved on that rate this term, upping his rate to a formidable 75%. Thus, Steve Clarke's West Brom leave themselves open to more shots from their opponents, but his arrival has also coincided with a fortunate upturn in form in the man between the sticks.
While Steve Clarke enjoys the praise that comes with riding high in the European places, it should be considered that there is a valid argument that says yes, he has improved results at the Hawthorns, but he has not overshadowed his predecessor in terms of performance and style. Of course, fifth in the league after 11 games for West Brom is an achievement in itself, but West Brom have not improved as markedly as their league position suggests.

I believe the acquisition of better players, the formation we are playing and the effect of the manager are all things, unmeasured by these stats, that have made the difference for us this season.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Gary Megson
« on: September 02, 2012, 10:24:36 AM »
Gary Megson will be on Sky Sports' Goals on Sunday this morning from 11.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Craig Dawson joins Watford
« on: May 02, 2011, 05:56:37 PM »
By all accounts he's had another excellent season. This is what a Rochdale fan had to say about him..

"Brilliant, we'll miss him badly. West Brom fans have absolutely no idea how good a player they have in Craig Dawson, absolute steal."

Has anyone seen him play? Scores plenty of goals, I wonder if he's going to be given a chance next season or if he'll be back out on loan, perhaps to a Championship club.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Pablo
« on: April 19, 2011, 05:13:12 PM »
Where has he gone? I've noticed he hasn't been on the bench in recent weeks and he didn't even make the reserve squad to play Villa today. I don't remember hearing that he's injured either.

I was excited by this guy when we signed him. I then saw our friendly at Coventry where he was up against Clive Platt (a League One version of Emile Heskey) and he struggled. I then realised how it would take him time to adapt to the English game and in particular its direct nature. Obviously he was part of the XI that went down to Chelsea but when he has played since I do not think that he has disgraced himself and in fact in some games he has done well (Man Utd and Fulham at home).

I thought that earlier on in the season that he would come good towards the end but presently he appears nowhere near the first team. Has anyone any idea as to why this is? Furthermore, would people keep him or try to offload him? If he were to play I'd keep him but if he was a back-up, presuming his wages are high as rumoured, then I'd cut our losses.

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