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Evening from Down Under from a relatively newly exiled Baggie...

I've been conversing with 1 or 2 Baggies over here in Perth on the Swansea match thread & it's got me thinking about the whole 'leaving Albion behind' thing. I moved out here in 2011 & I found it as hard if not harder than leaving family etc as you don't realise what a big part of your life the Saturday match routine is & the tonic that watching Albion is after a long working week.

SO for all us Baggie exiles, I'm just settin up the same scenario, i.e if a good job offer & a life in the sunshine came knocking on your door, could you up sticks & leave the Albion all behind? Or with all the decision-making that goes in such a lif-changing decision, would the pull of loyalty to the Albion convince you to stay put and that the grass is not always greener?

Be interested to hear what you all think

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