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Personally the longer this rumbles on without a new manager in place it seems there wasn't and isn't a succession plan in place which inclines me to say we are less likely to get promoted than if we had just kept DM in charge.

I'm interested to know how many people think this will give us more chance of being promoted.

General Football & Sports / Maria Sharapova
« on: March 11, 2016, 01:35:08 PM »
Not 100% sure this is the right place for this topic but what do we think?

At best she has naively not checked the prohibited list and just continued to take the drug when it was banned.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Leaving the game early
« on: February 03, 2016, 10:58:53 PM »
Is it just me or does it seem that each game more and more of our fans leave the game early and this can be a good 15 minutes before the full time whistle.

I don't go to every game but the last 3 I have been to (Stoke, Bristol City, Swansea) we have scored late goals - and they are one of the most joyous things in football. In each of those games a large chunk of fans had left before we scored.

So my questions to those that leave early are what are your reasons for leaving the game early and do you leave every game early as a matter of routine?

And to everyone else, what do you think of people leaving early?

General Football & Sports / CONCACAF Gold Cup
« on: July 23, 2015, 10:50:55 AM »
Has anyone been watching any of this?

I haven't seen it personally but Mexico have won the quarter final and semi final due to controversial penalties (3 in total).

"Roy Miller was pulled up for a questionable foul on Oribe Peralta with the game seconds from going to a shoot-out."

"Panama angered by two penalty decisions"

It seems like a farce tbh in a tournament that has potential to be good.

Just wanted people's opinions on this.

Do you think it would be worth us opening a club shop in Birmingham? I.e. to attempt to grow our fan base/appeal.

And on a separate note, would it be worth opening a permanent shop in west bromwich to satisfy demand or does the merry hell shop do enough?

I mentioned something in the Richard Garlick thread about what Ashworth said at the supporters club meeting last week and have since been asked to post on here what else he said so here goes:

As mentioned in the Garlick thread, he said he would never have sanctioned or made the signings of Anichebe and Sessegnon and these seemed like panic buys by the club, something that would never have happened while he was there.

He said the best signing he made was Mulumbu, i'm sure the majority will agree. But, it was a mystery that Mowbray didn't play him more when he first came when it was clear we needed a defensive midfielder (On a personal level, I did always hold this against Mowbray that we seemed to play five attacking midfielders at times).

Leading on from that, he said the most technically gifted player he saw at Albion was Borja Valero. I heard a rumour at the time that we had never seen him play in the flesh but Ashworth said they thoroughly researched Valero and expected him to be a huge success. DA believes the main reason he failed was because he played in a team of too many similar players, i.e Texeira, Koren, Kim, Morrison etc.

The worst signing he ever made was Joe Mattock (again on a personal level I complete agree. Regardless of his court case, he was an overweight liability).

He said the strangest signing was Yacob. I think he said we'd been after him 18 months but there were all sorts of problems. The Argentinian mafia got involved and I don't know exact details but basically, they didn't want him to move to Albion. He got offered a similar contract to move to Napoli but with the tax laws, it meant he would be on less money than he was at West Brom so he chose us but the Argentinian mafia preferred him move to Naples so personally phoned DA and offered him money to rip up Yacob's contract at West Brom.

He also said that Scott Carson was a terrible signing, no surprises there.

And the last thing I can remember he said that was interesting was regarding Ben Foster. Apparently we signed him for next to nothing as Yeung had good Blues into all sorts of trouble when we actually signed him. Myhill was even supposed to stay at Blues I think but they couldn't even afford that. And, if Blues had got promoted straight back to the PL, the deal was that Foster would return to them.

Interesting stuff I hope!

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