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West Bromwich Albion FC / Less than 24 Hours...
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:27:52 PM »
Until the transfer deadline and I have to say I'm scratching my head at how we find ourselves in this position again, for what it’s worth I believe Bilic is a very good appointment and the signings we have made to date are fantastic value for money. My concern is that time and time again we find ourselves desperately trying to beat the clock to sign key figures for our season. Factor in that the loan window closes tomorrow and we have put ourselves in a very dangerous position.

It’s the sort of attitude that made me give up my season ticket this year after 18 years and irrespective of who may come in tomorrow I feel we will now have to play catch up throughout the season introducing any late comers into the team. Football is a competitive environment and even the small margins such as this can be the difference in achieving promotion. We’ve brought in a lot of money through transfer fees and offloaded quite a few of the high earners this summer and the lack of assertiveness to reinvest this money tells me all I need to know about the Chairman, CEO and Sporting Director’s ambition for the club.

We may still go on to achieve our aims this season but the reoccurring excuses about waiting for other ‘bigger’ teams to sign players and the difficulty of bringing players in has become like a broken record to me. The conduct and professionalism of this club are failing to meet the standards I believe we should be setting and we appear to risk losing out on targets due to stubborn budgets and unwillingness to be more liberal with transfer fees.

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