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West Bromwich Albion FC / Experiences meeting players/managers.
« on: August 10, 2018, 06:18:32 PM »
Just as a bit of fun, have you ever been lucky (or unlucky in some cases  ;)) enough to meet any of our recent players/managers. If so, what was your experience, and was there anyone that stuck out to you for any reason?

I managed to bump into the team at their hotel before Swansea away game once, met most of the players in that squad which was in the Pepe Mel era. Most of them were friendly enough to have photos taken, Foster, Yacob and Saido were all especially pleasant. The biggest disappointment was chatting to McCauley and Mulumbu who were both pretty cold (Especially the latter who refused to sign my shirt/have a photo), but you never know if you've just caught someone at the wrong moment with these things.


As we've seen another modern footballer in Dawson hand in a transfer request today, there's something I can't understand. As a player, if you go down as a club legend/icon, surely you'll continue to have a more consistent avenue of money into your retirement years through various methods such as autobiographies, talks, appearances, invitations to join coaching staff etc, all of which will be sought after by fans of the club. Not only that but the feeling of being truly valued and loved at a club, feeling at home, showing loyalty and integrity, playing for the badge etc, on top of the aforementioned long-term advantages makes it really not that bad an alternative when compared to jumping ship for an extra >30k a week.

Imagine if Steven Gerrard left Liverpool when he was in his 20s, or Henry joined Liverpool for an extra 20k a week in his prime. Would they still be loved by the fans of their original clubs in the same way? Would their fans still clamour for their merchandise/autobiographies after retirement? Would they be welcomed into a coaching/club role with open arms? Would they still be given contracts into their later years out of respect/leadership? I doubt it.

Maybe it's just me but I think if you've spent a long time at a club, jumping ship for an extra bit of cash when you're already a multi-millionaire is plain stupid. Can anyone shed some light on why so many players are reluctant to stick with one club in modern football?


"ALBION have today appointed experienced Italian sporting director Giuliano Terraneo as a Technical Consultant."

That was a very quick changeover. Apparently will be involved in selecting the new head coach too. Welcome to the club Giulianeo! Hopefully a more successful time at the club than your predecessor.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Building for 18/19
« on: March 10, 2018, 05:57:10 PM »
I went into the game today full of doom and gloom, I left feeling strangely comforted. In the last 10 minutes, the fans were noisy, even through Leicester's 4th goal celebrations. At the end, Brunty, Foster, Field, Rondon and couple of others came round, Sam Field subtly patted his badge, Brunty was hurt but you could tell was touched by his support, the fans banded together. It felt like even though it was the first time that everyone achknowledged our probable fate, it was also comforting to see a core of good honest players in this disaster of a season. Players who play for the badge are the Albion spirit, the fans who never give up are the Albion spirit.

We are down unofficially now, we must now start building for the future to get ourselves back up. We need a total overhaul in most areas, senior management downwards.

In my opinion we should definitely keep (if possible);
Rondon, Brunt, Field, Dawson, Foster, Hegazi, Burke

Maybe keep;
Phillips, Chadli, Gibbs, Nyom, McClean, Yacob, J Rod

Get rid of;
Every other player.

Who would you like to see our new manager keep/maybe keep/get rid?

Hi Guys,

Like a lot of you, i'm a massive Albion fan, and i've got a page on facebook called 'Absolute Albion' which is slowly growing at the moment, but due to commitments and running 2 businesses which also heavily rely on social media i often find myself short of time to create interested content as regularly as i'd like. I was wondering if there was anyone on here that would be interested in becoming an admin to help grow it and make it the new 'Official West Bromwich Albion Fans' replacement (As i feel that page has gone a bit flat). I still am very active on the page but its hard work creating interesting content every day by yourself. Let me know if any of you guys fancy it! :) Cheers - Ollie

Played a blinder last Saturday for a 17 year old on his debut, could be one of our answers to our need for wingers/pace next season :)

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