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Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: Today at 03:22:42 PM »
Downing Street Tuesday briefing

"Boris Johnson has been stable overnight and remains in good spirits

He is receiving standard oxygen treatment and is breathing without other assistance has not required ventilation or mechanical support

He has not been diagnosed with pneumonia"

Good news, I pray that the PM has a speedy and full recover. Your Country needs you Boris

The problem with this new corona19 virus is that (I believe) after 2-3 days the Patient appears to be recovering - then the following day the illness is much worse. At that point ventilation is required.
Let’s hope and pray that Boris has the strength to get through the worst this horrible virus brings.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Positional namrs
« on: Today at 12:45:20 AM »
I think Spain started it, the jocks have also used it

5 defenders
5 midfielders .....and2/3 alternate pushing in to the cf role

I believe the Hungarians started the system . When they beat England 6-3 at Wembley in the 50,s

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Positional namrs
« on: Yesterday at 05:41:35 PM »

Willie Johnstone - wing wizard

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Positional namrs
« on: Yesterday at 04:57:32 PM »
Midfield leaders were known has General's

Frank  Bechenbauer  - sweeper

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Positional namrs
« on: Yesterday at 04:21:16 PM »
Talking about goalhangers, can anyone remember other names for the positions that players play?
eg. Sir bobby hope was called a schemer.

I think a c/half was called a stopper?

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Tony Brown
« on: Yesterday at 11:14:10 AM »
Bomber was not a goal hanger,he was a goal scorer!
He would come from deep and be all over the pitch.
A goal hanger stayed in the penalty or six yard box.

At last a modicum of sanity to the debate - Bomber was a mid fielder not unlike Peters or Lampard - the Argus used to call him the ‘Lurker’ he had a knack of being at the right place at the right time.
Have some of these people ever watched Bomber play or just rely on stats.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Tony Brown
« on: April 03, 2020, 11:50:30 PM »
Well said mate and seconded.
Funny you mention goal hanger that term came into my mind only a few days ago, of course the greatest of all goal hangers was the brilliant Jimmy Greaves.

Tony Brown a goal hanger  ???

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: April 03, 2020, 06:53:59 PM »
We may have differences with a lot of things like you say but it dont mean you cant call me Kev or even buy me a pint after all this is over.  :) ;)

Cheers mate - Ken
Stay safe.

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: April 03, 2020, 06:15:55 PM »
Not just the other side of the Channel, it will be carnage world wide I would say.

I don’t agree with a lot of what you say Kev (I hope I can call you that) but I do believe that we will have a massive economic crash the like the World has never seen before.

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: April 01, 2020, 05:28:07 PM »
My condolences to you and your family - AF.

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 31, 2020, 09:34:51 PM »
:o I will watch my P & Q's from now on.  No more political statements.  Sorry if that my statements have upset you.

I guessed you were totally politically biased - hence asking the question, to which I knew your answer.

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 31, 2020, 06:10:17 PM »
New total 381 dead now, but we cant blame anyone can we >:(

I would really like to know who you blame for the Coronavirus dead?

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 30, 2020, 01:44:27 PM »
Just popped out to the local Sainsburys to get a few supplies and some low life(s) have put every single window through.
Mindless burkes.
Glaziers just doing the repairs but the shop will be out of commission for the rest of the day.
I did read in the press last week that soldiers were on standby to 'guard' supermarkets and the like, I never believed we would need that.
Now I do.

Government’s fault!!, Tuamigos, they should have thought this through and surrounded the Store with the Army and a tank at every Supermarket, long ago.
In all seriousness the Government are trying to take the people with them , Softly, softly, they are testing the people’s response to every measure they take.
Whilst controlling the situation with the Country’s consent.
Already, Supermarkets have been attacked at night. Can you imagine the response if the government had imposed a full lockdown much earlier - possibly soon after the Chinese lockdown.
Btw,it is not clear at this stage what the outcome will be after the Chinese lockdown. There is a possibility the virus will return with a vengeance should the Chinese decide to ease the restrictions too quickly. Our Government will look very closely at the Chinese results and act accordingly (depending that we can trust the Chinese to release the true results?).

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 24, 2020, 05:55:03 PM »
Thinking of you. Be careful

No burden mate.
Thinking of you .God Bless.

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 22, 2020, 08:30:37 AM »
Hope everyone is doing ok!

I've been amazed at how the country has come together and is supporting each other and not so impressed with other who see this as a big excuse to party.

Anyway, I've had a few wobbles. Seeing the video from the hosptial in Italy with all those people on ventilators.

Having experienced that with my daughter a few years ago I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

What I can say from my experience is don't under estimate the power of washing your hands properly. It may seem basic but if done properly it saves lives.

If you can just stay at home, paint the living room, play chess, chat to your wife  :o just don't go out.

My daughter is having to isolate now for 12 weeks and were not sure how that affects us a parents. Logic suggest we should do the same however finances and job roles will dictate that largely. Fortunately, I can work from home but my other half has to go in (but looking at ways of her staying off work hopefully (he says from a selfish point of view)).

Again, I've seen first hand how bugs can travel quickly (all be it in a hosptial) but interestingly I have seen it quickly get isolated and controlled if advise is followed. It does work.

Just hope people start listening to advice before it's too late

Keeps me going, mate. on-line (live)

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 18, 2020, 07:07:23 PM »
Gonnna be about 500 dead by weekend finishes

I sincerely hope not - the funeral directors will be crying in the streets ‘bring out your bodies’

Non Sports/ Non Politics Board / Re: Coronavirus
« on: March 04, 2020, 05:52:52 PM »
I’ll admit it, I’m a Covid-19 denier, I don’t consider it to be anymore lethal than flu  8)

Does anyone know the stats for influenza over the same period?
Might be interesting

Last Match Forum - 03/03 Newcastle United (FA Cup Round 5 - H) / Re: Team
« on: February 26, 2020, 01:59:59 PM »
Honestly, if we beat Wigan on Saturday as expected we are in such a good spot league wise i'd actually be gutted if we didn't put out a full strength side.

Following a Wigan win think the Newcastle game is far more important than the Swansea game so would rather any players rested then if need be.

We are just 4 wins away from winning the first fa cup since 1968. Let's go all out and try and win it 8)

Not a chance of playing our strongest - too much to lose with injuries - if we get to the Semies, our league position may be clarified. Then we can think of playing a stronger team.

General Football & Sports / Re: Boxing Thread
« on: February 24, 2020, 02:58:20 PM »
A.J. v Wilder would  be an interesting fight - Just might happen- winner fights Tyson?

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Team Spirit
« on: February 24, 2020, 02:47:28 PM »
How quickly people forget.

And return to their infantile agenda!!

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Conor Townsend
« on: February 14, 2020, 11:26:12 AM »
Quote from: jim68 link= :'( :'(topic=22063.msg699138#msg699138 date=1581668624
give me townsend all day long .improving game by game .if gibbs gets back in how long will he last before injury again 

We wont know unless he starts when he is fit  :-\

General Football & Sports / Re: OFFICIAL CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD
« on: February 13, 2020, 10:40:55 AM »
6 points clear. Not convinced Leeds will get in the play offs now looking at the table.

Leeds will definitely be in the top 6 imo ( lf not top 2) outplaying every side they encounter in this division and Arsenal in the cup, can’t finish. Bielsa will have to bring Augustine in.

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: Pre Match Chat
« on: February 09, 2020, 07:12:38 PM »
Furlong   Bartley     Ajayi     Townsend
            Livermore  Krovinovic
Phillips        Perreira         Grosicki

Why would SB drop O’Shea?- he obviously likes to have a solid 3 at the back, leaving Townsend/Gibbs to join in sorties down the left flank.
Also, doubt he will leave Sawyers out when he will receive more of the ball to work with at home. I like the idea of a mobile 3/4 up top ( quite novel )- would send the Reading defence in a spin. Would SB be bold enough to try it? He just might, but may be not quite yet.

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: Pre Match Chat
« on: February 03, 2020, 04:02:10 PM »
Pereira has to play when fit, with Grosicki and Robinson in, teams will not be able to double up on him as they have been.
Looks like Johnstone will never be dropped so going to admit defeat there:
As Bilic will stick with 4231:
Furlong Bartley Ajayi Townsend
         Livermore Sawyers
   Grosiicki Pereira Robinson
I wouldn't mind seeing a 433 though now we have pace again:
Furlong Bartley Ajayi Townsend
    Livermore Sawyers Krov
    Pereira Robinson Grosicki

I like the look of the 433 side - looks well balanced, would control the centre with pace on the wings .

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Nathan Ferguson
« on: January 31, 2020, 10:28:25 AM »
Well, if he doesn’t go that puts paid to the rest of our transfer ambition’s  this window   >:(

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