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Am I mistaken about the horse? Such a vivid memory!

I seem to remember at least one horse.

1982 the closest I can think of. It was between us Stoke and Leeds for the final relegation place. We had two games remaining, home to Leeds and away to Stoke. Stoke and Leeds had only to play us. At the home game with Leeds we led 2-0 when their fans went on the rampage- about 85mins I think. The game was abandoned but the result allowed to stand. Thus Leeds ended their programme with defeat at The Hawthorns and relied on us beating Stoke to send Stoke down instead of them. We didnt. Stoke beat us 3-0 condemning Leeds to the drop.

The game wasn't abandoned it was played out to a finish. It was the first baton charge by police at football ground in England. I remember listening to the radio on the way home and Chief Inspector in charge of policing the game said they had had info from their counterparts in Yorkshire that, if Leeds were losing with 10 mins to go, they would storm the fencing. They timed it to perfection!

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: find your nearest football ground
« on: May 30, 2011, 09:28:35 PM »
1. Wolverhampton Wanderers (4.4 m)
2. Walsall (5.6 m)
3. West Bromwich Albion (6.2 m)
The Hawthorns
4. Aston Villa (9.5 m)
Villa Park
5. Birmingham City (10.7 m)
St Andrews
6. Coventry City (26.4 m)
Ricoh Arena
7. Burton Albion (28.6 m)
Pirelli Stadium
8. Shewsbury Town (29.6 m)
Prostar Stadium
9. Stoke City (31.9 m)
Britannia stadium
10. Port Vale (36.2 m)
Vale Park

This is frightening, or does it just show I've got good taste! :D

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