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West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Kieran Gibbs
« on: January 28, 2021, 09:17:07 PM »
Hysterical hyperbole. Becoming the norm.

Of our back 4 Gibbs was probably the best on Tuesday.
I normally agree with a lot you say but Gibbs is a typical arsenal defender from the Wenger era. He can't defend. He's a coward and very weak. Never stops crosses he would rather turn his back on it.
Townsend as improved massively but is he premiership quality I don't think so but he's committed and trys something lacking from some of our other players.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Kieran Gibbs
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:25:11 AM »
A typical arsenal defender doesn't like defending
Weak, poor aerialy, lack of commitment and made of biscuits
Roll on the end of the season when he's gone

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Mbaye Diange
« on: January 28, 2021, 12:42:13 AM »
Yes, this is the next most important position for me closely followed by a CB who can defend.
a defensive midfielder is needed but rather than a centre half I'd say 2 full backs who can defend
Furlong is ok going forward and reasonably quick he just switches off
Gibbs is a typical arsenal defender not good at defending , weak aerialy and made of biscuits.

General Football & Sports / Re: Slaven Bilic
« on: October 04, 2020, 02:47:59 PM »
I like bilic personally but the fact he cant see our spine is so weak and hasn't addressed this is criminal
Yes we haven't spent enough
A midfield 2 of Livermore and sawyers is awful even at championship level.
They didn't boss any games in the championship. No legs between them to defend.
No creativity going forward.
None of our centre halves or full backs for that matter are good enough.
Sam Johnstone may have played well today but again is not good enough
We don't have a striker of premiership quality.
In fact take away diangana and Pereira and we are a mid table championship team.
We have a right back in furlong who might not be amazing but he plays a centre half there.
I thought we had gone away from square pegs!!!
We needed a goalkeeper a centre half a defensive midfielder and a striker all to go straight in to our starting eleven from the first game and he hasn't addressed any of those. 
I think he will walk or be sacked just after Christmas

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Sam Johnstone
« on: September 28, 2020, 10:56:08 PM »
People say he's a good shot stopper. I think he's attrocious.
Weak wrists doesn't push the ball to the sides of the goal more pat's them out straight in front of him and seems to be doing that even more so in the last 3 games.
Doesn't command his 6 yard box let alone his 18 yard box.
Slow to move his feet to long range shots.
Just my opinion, well and every other Albion fan I know is that he is nowhere near good enough

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: Pre Match Chat
« on: September 21, 2020, 09:12:12 PM »
If button and kipre play and do ok they have got to be in contention for Chelsea surely?
After conceding 8 in 2 games it would make me wonder how bad the current defensive unit and goalie have to be to get a chance!!

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: After Match Debate
« on: September 13, 2020, 04:06:55 PM »
A midfield of Livermore and sawyers is just not good enough
No mobility
No pace
No creativity
Neither can tackle
Games are distances from the middle of the park
We have the worst Midfield in the league

O shea,Bartley and Gibbs are not premier League defenders.
O shea might well become one but at the moment no.
Gibbs as always been weak.
Bartley and hegazi are both an accident waiting to happen.
The formation didn't suit diangana or peirera
A huge wake up call but one I expected

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: September 13, 2020, 02:43:51 PM »
No kipre. Interesting no Phillips
Could he be moved on?

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Kenneth Zohore
« on: September 03, 2020, 10:00:12 PM »
I always liked Assombolonga if it's spelt right lol
A cheeky swap or even a loan swap?

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Players for the Premier League
« on: July 27, 2020, 11:41:20 PM »
Whoever doesn't get promoted we need to be looking at their better players be successful loans

Swansea  Gallagher and Brewster

Fulham.   Hector

Brentford.  Norgaard and if we can stretch to it Watkins

Cardiff  no one stands out

I see we have been linked with Woodrow from Barnsley. Decent and better than what we have and cheap

Robinson from Wigan

Players from relegated teams we could afford.

Will Hughes from Watford
Hernandez from Norwich

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Sam Johnstone
« on: July 17, 2020, 10:05:26 PM »
He's robbing a living
Yet bilic keeps picking him
That tells you e everything about the 2 of them.
Be happy when they both are gone.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Perspective
« on: July 17, 2020, 09:59:51 PM »
He should resign
He keeps picking Johnstone who absolutely puts the fear of God into our average back four
He picks a midfield duo who have no pace or creativity and also offer very little defensively
3 awful strikers ( why not give tulloch a run)
Basically if a. It of magic from Grady or Pereira doesn't win us the game we are really quite an average team with no plan b

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: July 17, 2020, 06:23:14 PM »
Anyone slating OShea should take a long hard look at themselves.  Defenders give away freekicks. Huddersfield goal ALL on Johnstone.
He's attrocious. Worse than Carson!!

General Football & Sports / Re: Slaven Bilic
« on: January 28, 2020, 11:40:34 PM »
So let's see. Hegazi is awful threw his toys out the pram and low and behold he's back playing next to Bartley and we all saw how that worked out last season.
Johnstone a really poor goalie, bond plays now and again keeps clean sheets never gets picked in the league - favouritism??
Townsend not the best but a trier and a natural left back, plays Ferguson who is right footed and wants to leave. 
O Shea did ok but is a centre half yet gets played at right back instead of a right back- furlong

Livermore a. It more mobile this season but still offers nothing at either end of the pitch and can't pass wind.

Sawyers makes us tick but needs movement in front of him and carries Livermore every week.

We started with 4 centre halves tonight and still couldn't keep a clean sheet.
Bilic picked this.
Consistently overlooks Harper, willock and others

He's lost it.

Diangana and peirera made others look better than they are and hid some awful selections and tactics

He needs to go.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: System tactics personnel
« on: January 28, 2020, 11:26:24 PM »
With what's available at the moment id go with this for Luton


Furlong.        O Shea.                   Ajayi.   Townsend

                           Barry.              Sawyers


 Willock.                   Austin.               Tulloch

Subs. Al habsi. Bartley.  Harper.  Edwards. Zohore. Brunt. Ferguson

General Football & Sports / Re: Slaven Bilic
« on: January 28, 2020, 10:02:55 PM »
I'd sack him.
Exactly the same as what happened at West ham and couldn't and didn't change enough tactically.

General Football & Sports / Re: Slaven Bilic
« on: January 28, 2020, 09:47:41 PM »
Is it to early to sack him?
Never changes tactics.
Continually picks certain players regardless of form.
This is worse than some of the rubbish served by pulis and big Dave.
For me I'd do it now.

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: January 28, 2020, 09:31:06 PM »
Bilic doing a Darren Moore. This is as bad as anything last year now, same pattern being followed

Hopefully if it includes sacking the manager

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: January 28, 2020, 09:27:03 PM »
Sam Johnstone is a clown. Why play it short?
And Bartley put your foot through it.
Awful tonight
Poor selection
Clueless bilic. Deserve what we get. Nothing.
Bilic to blame. He coaches them. He picks the line up. Get rid.

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: January 28, 2020, 09:22:08 PM »
Sam Johnstone look around before playing it short

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: January 28, 2020, 08:32:39 PM »
Awful going forward   what does Livermore do to keep his place. Krovinovic needs to play closer to hrk.
Phillips anonymous.
Ferguson poor.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Romaine Sawyers
« on: January 20, 2020, 11:58:13 PM »
Sawyers is a quality player who is probably tired because he has carried the useless lump Livermore for 20 games!!!

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: January 20, 2020, 09:49:57 PM »
There is something not right in the camp. Bilic looks bereft.
Bilic got the sack from West ham because when they went  on a bad room he didn't change anything
Exactly the same happening here.
Clueless from bilic tonight

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: January 20, 2020, 09:21:11 PM »
Billic has to take responsibility for some terrible decisions.

Why the hell would he drop Ajayi? Hegazi, it is one of the worst first half performances I’ve ever seen from a CB.

Diangana injured, we have trained all week to play that way. Why not do a straight swap and bring Edwards on? We have no width on the left as Perreria keeps coming central.

We are all over the place and I’m sat here and constant whinging and whining from the ground. Playing into stokes hands. We need to get behind them !!!
Totally agree. Anyhow willock or Tulloch as a wide option.
Poor team selection and poor sub. Honeymoon is over for bilic. He is being too loyal to too many underperforming players.

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: In Game Chat
« on: January 20, 2020, 08:24:37 PM »
Awful pass from Livermore put us in real trouble but hegazi should have cleared it.
Terrible start.
We need some fresh faces now

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