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West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: New Manager
« on: May 05, 2018, 06:16:14 PM »
I think we've got a few options available when appointing the next manager:

1) Appoint from within. Big Dave has put a case but with so many question marks around our current form I'm not so sure. Are the players playing for Darren Moore or for a move away?
Doubtless Darren Moore has had an influence but to what extent I'm not so sure.

2) Tried and tested. Dodgy old managers already on the gravy train. Already tried that with Roy/Pulis/Pardew. A mix of limited success and abject failure. This shouldn't even be an option.

3) Appoint an up and coming manager from the lower leagues. Smith/Johnson/Appleton.
Always a risk but all managers have to cut their teeth somewhere so why not here. If it starts to go pear shape expect the board to revert to type and go to option 2.

4) Appoint a foreign coach. Not many foreign coaches on the bookies list  so doubt if this is a starter.
That said with Terraneo now technical director who knows what might happen

Should be enough interest to keep the close season alive anyway.'ve got this wrong...before Roy rolled into town WBA were not a Premier League club.  Yes we had enjoyed seasons in the Premier League but with the exception of the ridiculous Great Escape season we were incapable of staying up.  It was Roy Hodgson who turned us into a Premier league club capable of staying in the top flight.  If that doesnt qualify as success i dont know what does?  When Clark had that good season it was because he inherited a squad with Roy's discipline.  Once the Roy factor started to dissipate we were dead meat and we had to resort to Pulis to stay afloat.

Whoever takes over is going to have transform this squad and decide on a playing style for the Championship.  Darren Moore is the biggest hearted, warmest kindest most passionate guy you will ever come across.  He loves the club and we love him.  But will this be enough?  So far he has had to deal with motivating a dressing room of failing millionaires and there have been no buying/selling decisions to make.  The results have been crazy and his personality has unquestionably played a massive part.  But going forward that wont be enough.  Can he pull together all the info and make the right decisions on player sales/buys? 

Heart says Moore, head says Pearson (if he's interested).  Always figured that it was Pearson (assisted by Kevin Campbell) who was behind the Great Escape or am i being unfair on Robbo?

If we dont appoint Moore he will go.  Maybe not immediately but with the Rooney rule for EFL clubs someone will take him...       

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Rest in Peace Cyrille Regis.
« on: January 30, 2018, 06:07:09 PM »
As a youth I was privileged to worship you from the terraces...

As an adult I was privileged to meet you in person...

And today I was privileged to pray, sing and cry with your football, church and blood family...

My Hero, our LEGEND

General Football & Sports / Rafa
« on: February 04, 2017, 10:20:49 PM »
Had to laugh when Rafa came out complaining in the press about no signings.  Whenever he thinks he has the fans on his side he comes out sniping at lack of investment.  Just the same at Liverpool.  Gets his excuses in 1st.  Is there a higher wage bill in the Champ?  Oh, maybe Villa!?

General Football & Sports / Re: Eric Bristow
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:53:53 PM »
If Bristow had simply said that he couldnt understand why the abusers didnt seek physical retribution when they were older you could understand his question.  Unfortunately, being a motor mouth, he then had to jump to ill informed conclusions about the manhood of the victims.

I doubt Eric reads this webpage but if he read the following it might help to answer his question....

...I know someone who was sexually abused as a young lad who as a a result turned into the most violent and vicious person you could ever have the misfortune to meet.  Such was his level of violence that he ended up behind bars.  But he was never able to face his perpetrator.  To have had to face him would have been too much for him.  Like so many, his perpatrator is dead without facing justice.

This particular victim has an amazing story and is now a massive force for good in our community.  If you want to read his story its Prison Without Bars by Graham Swann.

What I find more shocking than Bristow's ignorant & offensive comments is the news that Chelsea football club paid hush money to someone in 2015 to cover up abuse.  2015!!!!! not 1975 or even 1995.  2015, when the extent of former child abuse in this country was well known.  Frankly they have broken every child protection rule in the book.  If they were an old peoples care home they would be shut down.  End of.  Frankly I think they should be thrown out of the league.

General Football & Sports / Re: George Reilly
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:33:34 PM »

Evans was the worst surely? Absolute tripe.

Didnt we get Reily in during our relegation season from the top flight?...15 years of hurt.  Was he bought by Nobby Stiles?  I know he became a laughing stock amongst fans.  There was one day and it might have been against Liverpool when he took the ball down on a sixpence in front of goal and the Brummie Road end gasped in disbelief.  Needless to say the shot restored our faith in his incompetence...think they are still looking for the ball...

...wasnt Williams the one that we signed as a centre back and then decided was a striker or was it the other way round?  These players all reflected the desperate state we were in.  We have short memories...even Yacob has more skill in his little toe than this lot put together...     

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: WBA v Derby County FA Cup 3rd Round
« on: December 05, 2016, 08:23:33 PM »
Not the worst draw but far from the best we could have hoped for too. They aren't a bad side and will have the whole Smethwick End behind them so I hope our fans decide to actually turn up and get behind the lads.

Decent opportunity to progress but they will fancy their chances too if our lads aren't fully motivated for it.
Pulis takes the Cup seriously and will put out a strong team.  Whether the team will be as enthusiastic as Pulis remains to be seen but they should be ...most of our players wont get too many more FA Cup opportunities.  As I live in the East Mids and know several Derby season ticket holders we simply have to win.  They have large support and will sell every ticket.

General Football & Sports / Re: Andy Murray
« on: November 29, 2016, 10:23:28 PM »
Just another stick to beat him with.

If that's the case someone like Flintoff or Swann would have won the award year after year.

One man's poison is another man's cure.  I guess it depends what we mean by personality.  If we mean a never ending reservoir of guts and determination then Murray's the man.  If we mean the ability to drink beer and be personable then Flintoff's the geezer.  You must mean Tufnell rather than Swann?  Even my Mrs enjoys listening to Tuffers and she hates cricket!

If you want to bring a smile to your face try sticking this in your browser:


General Football & Sports / Re: Predicted England Team 10 years ago
« on: November 29, 2016, 10:06:51 PM »

The paper hasnt done very well here , Only really Theo, Micah and Sinclair who have really made it to the top level

Bored so what do you the best ( world) in 10 years time

Gianluigi Donnarumma
Jordan Sancho
Marcus Rashford
Renato Sanches
Connor Woodburn
Emre Mor
Dujon Sterling
Sergio Diaz

I went to an england under 21 game a couple of years ago and in the programme they listed the players that had played for the u21s in the previous 10 years.  I couldnt believe how many of them had had careers that had ended up going nowhere.  There was the odd good player but the vast majority were 'also rans'.  Mind you featuring for England that night were Ward-Prowse, Ince and one Berahino.  Need I say more...

General Football & Sports / Re: England Cricket Thread
« on: November 29, 2016, 09:42:20 PM »
Love watching Hammed.  So uncomplicated and calm.  He seems so happy to occupy the crease.  It can make such a difference for the middle order when the openers take the shine off the ball and tire the opening bowlers.  @ the end he showed he could clear the ropes too.  What a shame he's gone home.  Must mention Stokes as well - supreme competitor. 

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: October 05, 2016, 09:52:58 PM »
Part of the reason why England have to have full backs who can bomb down the pitch is that we dont have central midfielders who can can create anything so the pace down the flanks is the only way we can get behind the enemy lines.  Dawson will surely move to centre back within the next couple of years.

When we're discussing Southgate and Howe as potential England managers it tells you everything you need to know about the lack of English managerial talent.  And I dont buy this rubbish about foreign managers blocking the path of English managers.  OK, so the top 4 or 5 clubs in the land will always go for the tried and tested and even the odd has been (Van whatsit at United) but after that its open season.  The Shearers and Gerrards are too wealthy and ambition less to become managers.

When everybody was jabbering on about Rooney playing too deep in midfield nobody said who he was keeping out of the team.  We dont have any ball playing central midfielders and until we do we'll win nothing.  Might as well give it to Southgate; at least he's honest and will look to develop and encourage the players he's got.   


General Football & Sports / Re: The Telegraph - Football for Sale
« on: September 29, 2016, 08:14:39 PM »
Its other words did he own part of Pogba?? and if so that is 3rd party ownership and not allowed

A recent article in the independent stated 'Research by XPro, a charity for ex-players, suggests that three out of five Premier League players – who earn an average of £30,000 per week – declare bankruptcy within five years of retirement.'

Maybe agents should take a fit and proper person test before they are let anywhere near the players.  Do they care when a player they were agent for goes bankrupt?  What do they do to stop this happening....     

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: September 27, 2016, 11:13:50 PM »
He isn't the only one though is he. He is probably in the MAJORITY! Yes, as position as England manager that makes his position untenable I suppose, but like I say, there are probably a large number of managers at the higher levels of the game who are taking full advantage of the money flying around in the game in this era. Where there is serious wealth in a particular sport/game/industry, there will ALWAYS be greed and ALWAYS be corruption. That's the nature of the beast that the game in the SKY generation has created.
You are right about Human nature and greed but Alladyce makes me 100% sick.  He did this as England manager on a contract of £3m.  For over the last decade I have given freely of my time to coach junior players in local clubs.  I deserve better.  Many many others do the same week in week out.  They deserve better.  Local FA officials work hard with us to improve the game.  They deserve better.  An incredibly stupid, selfish & arrogant act by Alladyce.       

If its overrated by the london centric media then Carrick and Noble for me...

...get utterly fed up with the media and Manure supporters expressing surprise that Carrick only has 26 England caps.  That's 26 caps in 15 years and goodness knows how many managers.  There's reasons that none of them regularly selected him...he cant cover ground and he doesnt influence games. had all but selected Noble for Euros but when your former club manager (Big Sam) doesnt pick you for your country that tells you everything that you need to know about your international credentials.

...and (one for the older ones amongst you) Kenny Samson (dont get  me started).... 

General Football & Sports / Gold & Sullivan
« on: September 26, 2016, 09:28:01 PM »
Don't you just love these two....

...We know we are letting in too many goals and not scoring enough," said the co-chairmen in a letter to the fans.

"But be assured we will sort the problems out"


...I guess they'll be helping Bilic with the training then....
...or maybe Goldy's going to take over the number 10 role from Payet... :P

General Football & Sports / Re: Stourbridge Town in 2nd
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:27:40 PM »
Stourbridge were without doubt the 2nd best team in that league, Leamington are quality though, just goes to prove that spending mone wins leagues though.

Ohwell, least it is another easy trip for me to watch Weymouth next season

Don't be too downcast buddy, it's only a couple of years before you'll be staging a local derby against the mighty Dingles.

General Football & Sports / Re: Mark Halsey announces Retirement
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:24:46 PM »
Love watching this bloke ref.  So human.  The game will be poorer without him.  But enjoy your well earned retirement.

General Football & Sports / Re: Wayne Rooney
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:22:30 PM »
Wazza gets a nose bleed if he goes 100 miles from 'pool.  Part of the rerason he's a complete pile of p**h when he plays for England.  He'd be hilarious in Germany.  It would be like a pantomime watching him trying to abuse the German officials.  Bring it on. 

For me if you cant appreciate and respect the game in its entirety you cant appreciate Albion

too true...we may find out how much class both sets of supporters really have on this final day. 

Did just have a wonderful thought though...when I was much younger Wimbledon played Liverpool in the FA Cup Final in the days when the final was still the biggest game of the season.  The entire run up to the final was a complete Liverpool love much so I dont know whether the media even mentioned that the (real) Dons (not MK) were in the final.  The BBC even brought John Barnes Mum and Dad to their studio from Jamaica.   And then Vinny Jones and his mates had the audacity to win the game in surely the biggest party poop ever.  Th media were speechless.  They had nothing written for this outcome. 

Have you ever been walking along the street when some (feathered) bird dumps a number 2 on you.  You get get the idea.  Come on you Baggies....number 2 time. 

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Steve Clarke Sacked by Albion
« on: May 10, 2013, 10:01:14 PM »
To be honest I'm not 100% convinced by Clarke just yet despite being delighted with the season we have had overall. He wasn't the one many wanted for the job and I said at the time he needed to make a good start to keep the fans off his back and there was that period over Christmas where people were really beginning to question him with the odd few ridiculously calling for his head.

The second half of the season has been a little overshadowed by the Odemwingie fiasco and must have had a negative affect on the team. In my view Clarke handled the situation well and had it not been for him taking to twitter again I firmly believe he would have been back in the starting XI long before now and everyone could have turned a blind eye until the summer.

He's already made a few comments to the media about the need not to stand still as a club and wanting a marquee signing so he is already sending messages to the chairman that he needs backing in the transfer market. It will be interesting to see how the summer pans out as we may need to get busy in the transfer market.

As things stand I believe we will see the real impact of Clarke next season when he's had the chance to get one or two players in he thinks will make a difference to how he wants us to play.

I agree with you.  The wheels could have come off completely with a new Head Coach with no managerial experience but they didn't.  Credit to SC for that.  I also like him as a bloke.  But the reality is that he inherited someone elses squad, the strongest squad incidentally that the Baggies have ever had in the Prem, and he also, critically, inherited the discipline that Hodgson had instilled in them.  He has got a rebuilding job to do over the Summer and we will only see how good SC is next season. 

Given the above I would be absolutely staggered if Everton wanted him.  Laudrup would surely be a better move for them. 

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Stadium Expansion
« on: May 10, 2013, 09:46:52 PM »

General Football & Sports / Re: Scott Sinclair
« on: May 10, 2013, 09:18:06 PM »
Certainly wouldnt be as greedy. Much more of a team player. Sinclair will have plenty of clubs after his services. Still lives in Wales? Cardiff if it was on loan only? He would be a nailed on starter there. The Baggies would be perfect for him although wouldnt be surprised if Liverpool were interested.
given that Liverpool already have Sterling and Downing he wouldnt go there and risk being an understudy.  There again, this is the fella that couldnt break into the Chelsea first team but like a dog returning to its vomit signed for Man City've guessed it...couldnt get into the first team!

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: Sold out!
« on: May 10, 2013, 09:12:28 PM »
I can't criticise a fellow ST holder who sells for big money - I dont know their financial situation or the sacrifices they make to get their ST.  But once the Manure fans felt they had sufficient critical mass in a baggies stand mayhem would have followed.  I thought the club would bottle making this decision but fair play to them - once again we prove that off the field we are a well run club.  All we need to do now is convince the ref that he doesnt need to worry about upsetting Fergie and we could have a game on our hands.  Would love to poop on their farewell party. 

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: Predictions
« on: May 09, 2013, 10:16:55 PM »
There is no way we are going to be allowed to win this game. Fergie will probably select Howard Webb, and between him, the other officials, and the Premier League, we'd probably have to get shot to win a foul.

3-0 Man Ure, FGS Van Persie.

Although I would prefer:

Albion 5 United 3, Rosenberg hat-trick.

You are so, so right.  It wont be allowed.  Surprised the bookies are still accepting bets. 

A Billy Jones winner in the 10th minute of Fergie time (after a poor Rooney back pass) would suit me down to the ground...

Albion Matchday Forum / Re: Sold out!
« on: May 09, 2013, 10:09:20 PM »
Dont you think the club need to come out now and say something firm eg. secondary identity required for all season tickets?  I'm a ST holder in the East upper at the Smethwick end.  I was excited at first about it being Fergie's last game but now I'm concerned.  Against Arsenal I would estimate that 1 in 20 supporters near me were Arsenal fans.  They kept quiet and it was ok.  But I think we could have a situation soon where every other person around me is a Man U supporter.  Once they sus they've got safety in numbers I suspect they will be pretty blazen about it.  The police will do nothing and I'll be left me my 14 year old lad in complete mayhem.  I've no wish to put fellow supporters in the myre by selling my tickets and I dont trust ticket agencies or the like but I'm starting to feel unsafe.  Tickets changing hands above face value are not going to Baggies supporters.  The club just seem to be standing back and letting the mayhem unfold.  I've got half a mind to ring them up ask them what they plan to do?

Am I right to be concerned?

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Peter Odemwingie
« on: May 06, 2013, 05:03:15 PM »
Pete will fall out with people whereever he goes to ply his trade.  Its the sort of person he is.  I don't know why he's like that, I'm not a psychiatrist.  I think the board got it right when they refused to cave into Harry's tapping up.  If QPr had stayed up they would have taken one of the available survival places that we will be fighting for in  future seasons. 

Sadly if squad members weren't supporting Pete before Saturday they will be now.  That's the nature of team sport - if you see a teammate in trouble (no matter how self created) you support him.  So Pete has got to be disposed of ASAP as his mere presence is devisive. 

There are 2 types of people in life - those who have the self discipline and self control and those who don't and abuse players.  Don't have the time of day for the latter - the day I start abusing West Brom players I'll stop coming to matches.     

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