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I have a similar memory - about 10 mins to go, close range, roof of the net at the Brummie Road End. Seem to remember we didn’t clear a cross from the Forest left.

But it’s a long time ago so details may get distorted by memory. I very much remember thinking that was that - we wouldn’t come back. 😔

My memory is of us having a goal-bound shot saved on the line by their full-back Viv Anderson who dived and tipped it round the post with his hand like Gordon Banks! Think the ref just gave a goal-kick. I thought that was towards the end of the game and I was in The Brummie. Maybe it was in the first-half or maybe even a different game. Anybody else remember that?

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Albion in Europe
« on: March 20, 2020, 09:04:57 AM »
I've never posted before but due to the dearth of people who've had the pleasure of seeing us play away in Europe, I thought I'd add my memories of my trip to Valencia in '78 as an 18 year-old. Some of my memories are a bit foggy so forgive me for any inaccuracies.
I'm pretty sure the flight was a "special" laid on for Baggies supporters. I guess there were about 50 of us. From the airport there was a coach to take us from the airport straight to the ground. I recall it taking ages and we finally got in to a packed stadium quite late only to find all our seats already taken by Spaniards who obviously weren't going to move for us. There were no stewards and no segregation so we spent the match sitting on the steps in the aisle.
My main memories of the match apart from the tremendous performance of the whole team were firstly, how Wile and Robertson kept the world class Mario Kempes in their pockets. And secondly the performance of Laurie Cunningham. He was majestic. So much so that coming out of the ground, Valencia supporters were coming up to us, shaking our hands and saying, "Cunningham... Fantastique!!" I felt so proud to be a Baggie.
Back at the airport waiting to check in we were told that the team bus was just pulling up outside so we went to greet the players off the coach and they chatted to us. I remember Dekka Statham asking me about our trip and if I'd enjoyed the match.
Then there was the home leg which was another fantastic performance and what an atmosphere. Funnily enough one of my main memories of that match was the chant, "You're just a bunch of waiters."
Great memories but then followed by the heartbreak against Red Star Belgrade. Wasn't it a very late goal that did us in that match?

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