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General Football & Sports / Re: Alan Irvine sacked by Albion
« on: June 16, 2014, 10:24:36 AM »
Hi mate, welcome to the board! Seems a lot of Evertonians have soft spots WBA and I for one quite like Everton too, possibly aided by my mega dislike of Liverpool!

Can you shed any light on Irvine for us? Is he seen as responsible for bringing through and developing the strong youth breaking through at Everton. What positives can we take?

Well, when AI left to manage Preston, there was a distinct change in Everton's playing style. It seemed that Moyes became far more fearful in his approach and the way he set up his teams was definitely different. AI was attributed to be an attacking coach who was behind much of the good attacking play in the mid-Moyes era. Regarding the youth set-up, he was certainly well respected for doing a good job, in fact he was the only ex-player who had been an attacker, amongst Moyes' coaching staff who were all ex-defenders! Apparently Roberto Martinez thought highly of him, as he took on board and implemented RM's ideas quickly and had the youth team playing some great stuff this last season.
If he can blend the pragmatism of Moyes with the tactical awareness of Martinez - you'll have some manager! However that's a BIG IF!!

Good luck!

General Football & Sports / Re: Alan Irvine sacked by Albion
« on: June 16, 2014, 12:12:50 AM »
Hi guys. I'm a Toffee in peace, and certainly no WUM. I wanted to know the consensus of your opinions re AI. I've always had a soft spot for Albion and I was pretty surprised to learn of this appointment. Having chatted to fellow Blues, we're of a similar puzzled outlook. Seems like most think he's a great coach and has worked wonders with everyone from the first team (under early Moyes) down to the Academy more recently. However his managerial stints have been less than convincing. I really hope it works out for you and good luck for the coming season.

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