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Think they’ll do well to get anywhere near £6m. I’m still fairly sure 500k to a million would have done it in January. 

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: June 08, 2024, 09:48:52 AM »
Foden will likely play left with Bellingham in the 10 and Saka right, so it’s a complete change to the set up of the players in the most creative positions compared to last night. Both Foden and Saka like to come inside though so it’s not going to stretch play as we might need to in the groups.

Last nights side should still have performed much better though and the injury to Stones is a concern. I’m fairly confident they’ll be much better next week.

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: June 07, 2024, 02:56:49 PM »
All fair and valid points Dan and maybe there is a level of unfairness to Palace, but I have real doubts over if Eze in particular (26 this month) will really move onto a bigger team than Palace and then go on to hold down a place like at a club like Spurs (as Maddison has), Dortmund (as Sancho has), Liverpool (as Elliott has) or be th3 man of the match in a champions league semi final vs Real Madrid (as Grealish has). I really like Eze, he was great at QPR and he has proven himself at prem level, but it's the Anglo-French Michael Olise who the top clubs are circling so far this summer and Mateta with his 16 goals. That makes me wonder if Eze has ultimately found his level as a decent mid table premier league attacker (think Ruben Loftus-Cheek).

Guehi and Wharton are different - Wharton's signing in particular has changed the dynamic of Palace's game and maybe that has had an impact on Eze's selection. I would still however like to see more players at the top clubs selected for England as that hints they are better than many if their foreign counterparts, rather than the other way around.

I can understand why Elliot wasn’t picked. He’s not productive enough yet although finished the season strong and when you consider production you can perhaps see why Southgate has dropped Grealish (and why he didn’t pick Sancho, who I don’t think did do enough.

League only….

Saka - 16 goals 9 assists
Gordon - 11 goals 10 assists
Bellingham 19 goals 6 assists
Foden 19 goals 8 assists
Bowen 16 goals 6 assists
Eze 11 goals 4 assists
Palmer 22 goals 11 assists

Grealish 3 goals 1 assists
Sancho 3 goals 3 assists
Madison 4 goals 9 assists
Elliot 3 goals 6 assists

I’d have taken Grealish personally, but it’s tough to argue the midfielders going haven’t earner their spot over the season.

Defenders it’s a bit more difficult to judge on stats alone but I’m surprised Brantwaithe  isn’t going and that Tomori didn’t make the squad at all.

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: June 06, 2024, 04:18:29 PM »
Surprised by the Grealish decision. Comes on on Monday, sets up two goals, and dropped. If that didn’t get him in then it seems the decision had already been made, which begs the question why bother calling him up. Unless of course he’s been injured since.

The Maguire decision must be forced on him by the injury. 

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: June 06, 2024, 07:33:47 AM »
Maddison first to go. Not surprising.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Carlos Corberan
« on: June 04, 2024, 03:58:02 PM »
I am not sure the points deduction is as off putting as some suggest - which is likely why Leicester are having to reevaluate their options and opt for a candidate who may not have been first choice had it not been for the threat of a points deduction.

It is still a favourable opportunity to Carlos - a chance to work and gain experience in the Premier League, work with better players and should he suffer a relegation then there's a clearly a bigger reason as to why that occured. It also puts him in the pole position to take Leicester back up at the first opportunity. If he keeps Leicester in the Premier League then his stock rises even higher.

He has taken Albion as far as realistically possible given the scale of our rebuilds in the next two summers so I would not be surprised if he wanted the Leicester job.

Exactly my thoughts. Leicester are years ahead of us right now and CC would be judged on the pitch and on points he won regardless of the deduction. As long as he isn’t a disaster he has a top championship club in a year. If he does a great job he’s looking at an even bigger job.

Odds are very high Leicester's position and circumstances for at least the next 5 years are more favourable then ours.

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: June 04, 2024, 10:43:31 AM »
Anyone watch the Bosnia game last night?

Decent  enough friendly performance by a second string side. No Bellingham, Saka, Foden, Rice, Mainoo, Stones, Maguire, Shaw or Walker, with Kane coming off the bench. The game instead highlighted the incredible strength in depth we now have.

Southgate has a tough job in whittling the side down. Good performances from Eze, Alexander-Arnold, Grealish, Wharton and Gallagher. Palmer also showed flashes.

The assumed thinking from the pundits is that as many as 2 of the Grealish/Maddison/Gordon trio will be cut. That will be incredibly harsh, but going on last night i'd still want to keeo Grealish as a joker off the bench, so, so good against a low block. Created 2 goals off the bench.

I'd personally look to move on players like Konsa or Dunk, Bowen and while he was good last night, i'm not sure how we fit in Eze either, although he can play more centrally than some of the others. Wharton will also likely be a victim of our emerging strength, even with him looking so cool and collected.

Onto friday vs Iceland.

Thought we were poor first half and while still sloppy in the second,it was attack vs defence and complete domination.

Palmer did look good in flashes, but made some really poor choices to shoot when we were in good positions but the shot wasn’t really on for him. Needs to cut that out.

I think Trafford, Quansah and Jones are certain to be cut.

So for me I’d drop Mainoo and take Wharton as back up to Rice.

Shaw should be cut.   The idea he comes in in the latter stages and hits the ground running never works but with 26 players and lack of left backs maybe he makes it. Konsa I think gets in as a utility which means Dunk goes for me.

Thats leaves Maddison as the biggest name dropped.

There could be as many as 8 players who never see a minute of football in the tournament. More if we don’t win the first two group games and have something to play for in the third game.

There’s no way we should be giving mowatt a 3 year deal
The most I’d offer is a one year plus one on performance maybe

I don’t necessarily disagree. However as overseas has said, Mowatt would be crazy to sign anything less.. He can sign elsewhere so hold the cards, plus at 29 it’s his last one of note. Whoever signs him is going to need to make it attractive overall and length / security comes in to that.

Mowatt and Bartley on reduced terms makes sense and only one year hopefully
Kipre I would imagine was on a lower amount given we signed him from a relegated championship team Wigan so I would hope he has been offered improved terms
I wouldn’t be overly disappointed if mowatt goes we really lack legs in the middle of the park with him yokuslu and molumby but hopefully Whitwell gets a chance pre season
I’ve never been impressed with Ted Cann so don’t understand that one unless we plan to cash in on Palmer or Griffiths
Last chance saloon year for Ingram and Ashworth who both struggled to nail down a starting place at Salford and Bolton respectively
Hopefully we can shift Grant out on loan again and prioritise a number 9

Bartley might sign a year, Mowatt won’t. It’ll be 3 years for Mowatt I imagine.

I’ve just read a Sky report that Chelsea are keen on Enzo.  Can’t imagine Leicester fans would be too heartbroken, from what I’ve seen I don’ think the fan base rate him particularly highly after the wheels very nearly came off spectacularly for them.

I could see Leicester being interested in CC if they were in the market. A we organised, pragmatic coach seems a good fit for a side trying to stay in the prem.

When heard signed in 2023 they reported it was a year with a year in our favour. Seems that was a mistake since they are now saying we’ve offered him a contract and not reporting him under ‘ options activated’  with a few of the other kids.

Wonder if we have dropped the ball with him administratively. Wouldn’t be the first time since we ballsed up offering Louie Barry a contract correctly, and further back we messed up with players like Billy Jones / Izzy Brown.

General Football & Sports / Re: Anything England Football
« on: May 21, 2024, 11:45:36 AM »
I’ve read he could be naming as many as 35 players with the 26 not due to be named for a few weeks yet, so I wouldn’t be surprised if reports about Henderson turn out to be untrue, particularly as I don’t see how Kalvin Phillips can justify a call up and I don’t see Southgate dropping both.

Not sure how players like Curtis Jones are getting in either. He’s played about 1000 league minutes this year which isn’t enough, but of course he plays for Liverpool so that always helps. 

General Football & Sports / Re: OFFICIAL CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD
« on: May 21, 2024, 08:33:20 AM »
I always thought McCallum was good when he was coming through at Coventry. Whilst still young at 23, his stats this season are underwhelming. He is a good height and is good in the air, something I think Corberan likes in a full back but he doesn't offer much in terms of going forward, either with the ball or through his passing.

Whether or not he had performed well this season or not, we would be needing to look to replace Townsend or at least sign his successor to compete over the next season and fully replace him come August 2025. As it went, Townsend showed a season of decline in terms of performance which I expect to continue as he gets deeper into his thirties.

We were linked to McCallum when he left Coventry too so he’ll be in our Ian’s database.

He played 90 minutes in 9 of Norwich’s last 10 matches having struggled for game time for much of his time. Wages probably not a problem, we will need a left back.  Seems one of the more likely names mentioned to sign here.

Recent article on BBC seems to imply we're probably going to release them all, tbh not a bad thing but ideally Kipre and Mowatt and maybe a year extension may suit them to sign and us

Players at their ages don’t sign single year contracts. They’ll be signing 3, maybe even 4 year deals where ever they go

Agreed, I really don't know what most of us expected, we've done well to get this far, I'm looking forward to the future and hopefully we can mould a good young team together!
Can't fault the optimism but reality is what's happened tonight

I didn’t expect us to get to Wembley, but I expected a better showing. We have been poor and we are capable of much better so in that respect it’s still disappointing.

I don’t think our tactics gave us the best chance but there’s no right way, you can win a variety of ways if you execute well but we just allowed them to get too comfortable and after 20 minutes it was heading in this direction 

Looked like a dive to me but they’ve not shown a great angle. Suppose it’s made up for the Kipre one not given

Exactly what we deserved. My only hope was we turned up and gave it a good go and sadly so far we haven’t.

In the first leg we pressed and caused them to make some sloppy passes at the back. In this game they have the freedom to play passes comfortably all over the pitch.

We’ve had a few poor first half’s this season and been much improved second half. We need to get in 0-0 and switch on during the break

Time wasting after 6 minutes says a lot about how we are approaching this

I don’t have any expectations for tonight, I just hope we turn up and make a game of it. I expect Southampton to come out the traps quickly and the longer we can weather it we have a great chance

General Football & Sports / Re: OFFICIAL PREMIER LEAGUE THREAD
« on: May 16, 2024, 10:56:01 AM »
The clubs will all be strongly advised to vote in favour of it I expect. I’m almost certain it’s not going anywhere.

I believe it needs 14 votes for a change but it could well be 19-1 in favour of keeping it. 

Saints were the one side in the play-offs I didn't want - the type of side I hate us playing against. That game at The Hawthorns under lights haunts me as they gave us a bit of a footballing lesson. I pray its not the same Sunday because if we don't go to St Marys with a lead then we'll be as good as done in my view.

Whilst I do agree that if we are going to get through we probably need to go with a lead, I don’t think a draw is the worst result in the world. It makes the return a one off and we can be any side at this level in a one off game and any team at this level can have a game to forget.

Get beat at home and I think it’s curtains though as I don’t see us going away and winning by two or more goals when their squad and fans will be lifted by a first leg lead.

West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Cedric Kipre
« on: May 07, 2024, 06:32:13 AM »
Ive flipped my opinion on him a few times but at the start of the season I was firmly in the he’s a disaster camp so he’s made me eat my words.

I don’t see a premier league defender though, I can’t see any pre sides signing him. So where does he get his pay day? I honestly have no idea. It might be another championship club, or back to 1 of 2 in Scotland maybe?

Still think there’s a chance he could stay

Last Match Forum - 04/05 Preston North End (H) / Re: Pre Match Chat
« on: May 03, 2024, 07:31:11 PM »
We have done very well, over-achieved in my book. Having got this close however it would be disappointing to miss out. Come on lads, do it for us. Let’s worry about play-offs once we get there.

For me it’s a failure if we don’t make the play offs now given the position we were in.

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