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Dike had two headers to go with the shot straight at the keeper. He really could/should have scored them both. So that's a home debut hat trick from a performance that didn't create many clear cut chances before the other clear cut chances which we actually scored from.
I think we have had more shots than any other team in the division. We’ve created a shed load of chances and had some appalling finishing and final balls / crosses. Which is down to lack of quality on the pitch. Just look at yesterday. Robinson came on and showed a bit of composure in the hole, playing in Grant and Grady. Exactly what Pereira used to do and what Livermore & Reach didn’t. We miss someone to put his foot on the ball and play in the three strikers. Especially without Mowat available. So we are left with Robinson dropping deep to do it himself.

I don't think the chances we've been creating have been that good.  Shockingly bad crosses aren't chances.

Even yesterday, which was one of our best performances in front of goal for a while, we didn't create much until the goal. 1 clear chance for Dike that was our only shot on target, and a header that was a bit too high for him.  27 shots with 6 on target.  5 of them came after Dike went off. 

We have a lot of shots but they've tended to be 'low chance of scoring' shots.  Hopefully when Dike is fit he'll be the focal point.

Robbo played well yesterday.  He did take up positions in the hole and that's precisely where some of us are crying out for us to put someone.  Trouble is, with Val's system we don't have a lot of Grant/Grady making runs in on goal, they tend to stay out wide.
General Football & Sports / Re: OFFICIAL PREMIER LEAGUE THREAD
« Last post by SmethDan on Today at 05:36:55 PM »
I haven't watched the highlights and even I can see it wasn't a penalty........ I'm so angry my eyes have gone all Thomas Frank  :o .
i'm getting ever so slightly concerned that we are heaping a lot of pressure on Fat Kev before he even gets here, it would be just his luck to tweak his hammy in his first home game.

Real man's man is Fat Kev (48). He'd take the pressure in his stride, rub his hammy better with some beef dripping before belly battering his way to the top of the scoring charts with a deep fried scallop in each hand.

The scallops have been passed as ok for in game refuelling by the Sports Science Department as they're in keeping with his body's naturally diabolical metabolic rate..... just in case he gets peckish between the all you can eat buffets and Sportsman sponsored chicken tikkas.

There's no need to fear for Fat Kev (48) will be here. Or maybe not as Chairman Lai's millions won't be available to restock the club pantry until after the treble sliding French windows will have slid shut delaying Fat Kev (48's) signing for another decade when he will be Fat Kev (58).

DISCLAIMER: I am not ITK and no insult meant to any posters named Kev who may be calorifically challenged,  (48) or (58). Or indeed Fat Kev (48) the living leg end himself.
West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Daryl Dike signs on Permanent deal
« Last post by Albionic on Today at 05:34:14 PM »
He's certainly not a big tit is he?
double D is plenty big enough
If they’re goingto continue playing like that sending young Morton on loan there is a complete waste of time! There steadfast refusal to come over the halfway line is going to mean any striker is going to have to be happy in his own company . Often hear of keepers having time to do a crossword puzzle but Peterborough’s striker needed a whole book full so little did he see of his teammates  :o
West Bromwich Albion FC / Re: Daryl Dike signs on Permanent deal
« Last post by SmethDan on Today at 05:06:15 PM »
Should have had a first half hat trick. Worst striker we've had since the last worst striker we've ever had in everyone's subjective opinion going back to the days when players Strolled to the ground.

Can't believe we've blown seven big ones on a Double D. Well done the Stalking and Monitoring Departments. Another biff in the bag ya big bunch of one eyed tits.

Had no Ideye he'd be this bad. Better suited to American football than 'soccer'. All our eggs in one basket etc. etc. etc........ BOOOOOO! Ismael OUT!........

In all fairness if judged on the Jordan Hugill Marking Matrix he really should have had that first half hat trick though. Welcome to the Albion  8) .
Official attendance 21,251. Actual attendance a lot lower than that, fans voting with feet?

From somebody who was there, I'd say the actual attendance was around 21,000.

Don't know how many away fans there were, but I'd estimate around 2500, so we probably got most of the HSTH's plus some.
General Football & Sports / Re: OFFICIAL PREMIER LEAGUE THREAD
« Last post by gerry m on Today at 04:57:15 PM »
Just watched the highlights of the Liverpool game and no way was that a penalty in my opinion.
General Football & Sports / Re: OFFICIAL PREMIER LEAGUE THREAD
« Last post by johnny Cash on Today at 04:43:14 PM »
One of the real problems with the current Premier League VAR guidelines highlighted in the Liverpool-Palace game there.

For those who havent seen it, with the match poised at 2-1, Diego Jota has gone through on an angle while under pressure from the defender and the keeper coming out. He appears to try to chip the keeper but makes a poor connection and the ball trickles out of play. After taking the touch however, he takes a step inside towards the oncoming keeper and both make contact with each other chest to chest before Jota goes down.

Carragher on commentary dismissed it after seeing the replay as no foul, real time on twitter every journalist I follow state it is surely unlikely to be overturned by VAR, however after a disproportionatley long VAR check they send the ref to view the monitor where Friend then decides to change his decision.

Apart from a minority of Liverpool fans on twitter who argue it would be given outside the box (I have real doubts it would, it would be soft outside the box let alone in it), most people feel there just wasn't enough evidence of a foul, and yet after viewing a slow mo replay for 4 minutes, a decision was made that there was contact and so it's a penalty.

In rugby league, VAR is used in such a way that there has to be clear evidence that the ref got it wrong, really clear evidence, before they overturn the decision. It's weighted in the refs favour and anything borderline shouldn't really be over turned. I can't help but feel if we tweaked the ground rules for over turning a decision, soft piddly VAR checks like that one would be done away with. Instead, Liverpool benefit from VAR again for a very debatable decision.

Jota takes a side ways step in to the keeper as you say, clearly trying to cause contact and win a penalty. It’s as bad as a dive. He should be booked. Bet Klopp will be quiet about this one.

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