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Obvious refereeing mistakes
« on: April 10, 2011, 03:02:57 PM »
With blatter in reality against technology, with him in charge for four more years and possibly platini after, I doubt we'll see referees given proper assistance

Rather than have a 4/5 th official to help refs, we'll see an extra assistant
At each end

Then with all the respect campaign, I can't understand how governing bodies can tell players and managers to show respect when refereeing mistakes can cost games, points and possibly further more

This thread is to see just how many obvious wrong decisiOns have / not beem given

Easier to do it from now untip end of season (unless any blatant decisions from earlier in season)

Ill start

Liverpool v WBA .. Tchoyi at a corner, infront of kop, his shirt was pulled off his body (official wba pic shows this)

2 rooney elbow on mcarthy

3. David luiz constant fouls against man utd

4. Blackpool v arsenal , taylor fletcher
Penalty, ref was only 5 yards away