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West Bromwich Albion FC / Impact of our playing style
« on: August 24, 2016, 11:08:36 AM »
So I have put this as separate to a Pulis thread because it also transfers across managers.
When I look at the Premier League finances every year, I notice Albion brings has one of the lowest "TV Exclusive" income streams and I think this comes down to us being such an unfashionable club.  The problem with that is that the majority of the TV money is going to be split between increases to wages and paying more for the same players, with perhaps a small increase in quality.

Now some could say we are always going to be unfashionable, but we have just signed on to become the first club with Chinese owners and it should open the club up to the biggest market in the world, I fear at the moment this won't happen. I think for the moment most people won't identify with our club and will continue to support the Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and even Tottenham now.

I don't know that we play a brand of football that will attract new supporters. I know that in 2005 I traveled to the UK specifically to watch West Brom play, if I was in the UK I would watch us because I am there, but I would not spend 5000+ to come and watch us play the way that we play now and I can't imagine they will be lining up in China to spend their money to come over and watch us play. This in turn will limit the VIP type packages we can sell for games as well is most significantly sponsorship and retail sales.

With limited support in China, why (even with Chinese owners) would we find companies prepared to invest significant money in sponsoring our club? In 2014/15 our non tv finances were

Gate Income: 8m
Merchandise: 3m
Commercial: 8m

We have to find a way to increase these and without changing the way we play (with or without Pulis) then to me we will remain a club that continues to fight against relegation until the inevitable. In other words.. A Fulham, Bolton etc

IF we become a club that Chinese firms are clamouring to be involved with, this unfashionable struggler tag can be shed forever.

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